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4 Reasons Why Real Estate Is A Good Investment for Filipinos

Even years ago, there have already been several reasons why real estate is a good investment. For one, the Philippine housing sector is one that is constantly growing with the times. Fortunately, industry-led initiatives are stronger now compared to the previous years, which gives better hope for the sector to finally boom.

In this article, we will talk about why real estate is a good investment in the Philippines, and why you should opt for putting money on properties.

Understanding Why Real Estate is a Good Investment

Predictable and Passive Cash Flow

There are several benefits in putting money in a house and lot for sale. One is that properties can be a solid source of predictable and passive income. After you've fully paid for your home, you can expect regular returns from it if you decide to lease and rent it out.

Of course, you may still have to spend on maintenance and home improvements. However, properties as investments do not require the same operational costs that working businesses require.

Appreciation of Value

Properties are a smart investment because their value only increases over time. When you spend on devices or cars, the item depreciates the moment you buy them. This means you are losing money from an investment perspective. House-and-lots and other real estate properties are different. This is because their value only increases over time, especially if they are located in key metropolitan areas.

Inflation Hedge

Putting money on properties is a form of inflation hedge. This means that it is a type of investment that provides protection against a currency’s decreasing value. Why? Real estate depends on the relationship between the GDP growth of the country and the demand for real estate there. As economies grow, the demand for real estate spaces also increases which only means higher capital values.

Flexibility of Usage

One of the many great things why real estate is a good investment is because you, as the property owner, have full control over how you want to utilize it without worrying about operational costs. You can use it as a personal property or make it a source of income. Depending on your decision, there is always a benefit you can enjoy when you invest in real estate.

Invest in Real Estate with Johndorf

Real estate is a wonderful choice of investment as long as you choose the right property to put your money on. At Johndorf Ventures, we create affordable homes in the Philippines that are perfect for investing and ownership.

We are a real estate firm in Cebu known for producing high-quality homes in key locations in Visayas and Mindanao that are ripe with living and economic growth opportunities. Our mission is to create sustainable communities with our diverse portfolio of projects that prioritize prime value and quality of life for our stakeholders.

Are you planning to invest in real estate? We’d love to help you out. Browse our properties or reserve your first-ever home.


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