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Why You Should Consider Cebu City Real Estate Development

As the second largest city in the Philippines, there is no doubt that Cebu City is one of the most promising places in the country when it comes to Cebu City real estate development. The Queen City of the South is among the top popular travel destinations in the Philippines and a top choice of many developers in residential and economic hubs.

Things to look forward to

In this article, we will list the reasons why investing in Cebu City real estate development is a good idea.

It has a growing IT and BPO economy
Did you know that Cebu is among Southeast Asia’s leading locations for Business Process Outsourcing services? According to a 2018 survey, the city is among the top 11 super cities worldwide for offering digital technology outsourcing services.

The high demand and continuous growth of this industry mean there is no lack of job opportunities for people who want to build a life in the city. Moreover, there will be no shortage of people looking for residential properties here, so having a Cebu City real estate development as an investment is a good idea.

It is a significant entry point in the Philippines
Cebu City is the most accessible city in the country, beating Manila when it comes to domestic sea and air linkages. It is also the base of 80 percent of inter-island shipping capacity, making it the Philippines' leading exporting city for furniture and housewares. Its location advantage is another supporting proof of its potential economic boom.

It is a powerful tourism gateway
In 2022, the Department of Tourism reported that more than 500,000 foreign tourists and over two million local tourists visited Cebu City in 2021. Cebu is among the most attractive tourist hotspots in the country because of its rich culture, engaging recreational activities, and modern lifestyle. If you’re looking for the best place to invest that’s not in Metro Manila, a Cebu City real estate development should be on the top of your list.

Experience Cebu City with Johndorf Ventures

Are you looking for the perfect location where you can buy your forever home or next real estate investment? The Queen City of the South is waiting for you. Plumera Mactan by Johndorf Ventures is a perfect Cebu City real estate development option with its livable community decked with the best amenities. Located in Barangay Cagudoy, Lapu Lapu City, the property sits right in the middle of lifestyle and other major destinations in the city. The community has its underground drainage and sewage system, lagoon, and recreational areas like a pocket park, swimming pool, and clubhouse.

Johndorf Ventures is a tried and trusted developer in the Visayas and Mindanao region. If you want to know more about our properties, head to this link to get more information or reserve your home with us.


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