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Cagayan de Oro Tourist Spots that You Will Surely Fall in Love With

There is something about this place that makes you want to come back again and again. Could it be the various Cagayan de Oro tourist spots that satiate your thirst for Mother Nature? Or could it be the exciting and deeply rooted cultural spirit among its people? Whatever that is, you will only be able to feel that vibe once you have set foot in Cagayan de Oro City.

Some of the people who now live here fell in love with the city after visiting some Cagayan de Oro tourist spots. Take for example the many others who, after several visits, have consulted Johndorf Ventures, the best real estate developer in the area, for some advice on house and lot for sale.

If you’re someone who wants to get the most out of Mindanao, then you’re at the right place. There are endless possibilities in these islands if only you know where to go in Cagayan de Oro.

Top Cagayan de Oro Tourist Spots to Visit

Here is a list of curated Cagayan de Oro tourist spots that you will certainly fall in love with:

1. Dahilayan Adventure Park

If a thirst for adventure runs in your blood then Dahilayan Adventure Park should be in the top of your list. Dahilayan’s 840-meter zipline, which is known as the longest dual zipline in Asia, is no place for the faint of heart though. Be prepared to get a bird’s eye view of the greens surrounding the park when you take on this challenge as it takes you to the 4,700 feet launching point.

Expect your heart to skip a beat with the zipline as it has a drop of 100 meters. Don’t be fooled by all that thrill because Dahilayan is really a family-friendly destination. You can choose from various levels of thrills such as the inflatable boot camp, the Basejump, the Python Rollerzip, the Mountain Coaster, and a thrilling dropzone with a free fall of 120 feet.

2. Del Monte Pineapple Farm

Have your fill of unlimited pineapple, freshly picked and juiced for visitors at Camp Phillips in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. The place shares a location with the pineapple farm so this is your chance to see pineapples planted from end to end.

No matter where you go in Cagayan de Oro, never leave the place without visiting the restaurant here as it serves one of the best-tasting steaks in town. You’ve heard of steaks and beer, right? In this place, steak—or whatever food you have in mind—always tastes best with pineapple juice. A giant pineapple marks the spot so you won’t get lost.

It’s also a favorite stop-over for people visiting any of the other Cagayan de Oro tourist spots. You can get a variety of pineapple products from yema, jam, fruits, juice, or even vinegar from the souvenir shop.

3. Divine Mercy Shrine

The Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador has become a favorite stop-over because of the massive statue of Jesus Christ. If you’re up to it, you can take on the challenge of climbing the stairs leading to the church and the 50-foot statue.

Everyone is welcome here, although there is a strict dress code. But if you happen to stop by and you are wearing inappropriate clothes, you can always borrow the long skirts which are made available for visitors.

This is not just a tourist attraction because it also has facilities for seminars and retreats. The place gets crowded during the Lenten season.

4. White Island

Whether you are a resident or a tourist visiting Cagayan for the first or nth time, the White Island in Camiguin will always be a must-visit. The white sand beach never fails to satisfy visitors whether they want a photo, a walk in the sand, or even a tan.

What’s unique about this place is the C-shaped sandbar which can change shape depending on the tide and weather conditions. While you are here, take a good look at Mt. Vulcan and Mt. Hibok Hibok, backdrops that have now become iconic.

Experience the Best of Cagayan de Oro Tourist Spots When You Relocate

If you love the outdoors, especially the cool blue waters, then it will be very difficult for you to say no to Cagayan de Oro. Most of those who have relocated here went to the city to experience whitewater rafting. They ended up buying a property or two and have established their residences in the city.

It might be a great outdoor destination but there’s more to Cagayan de oro. It is one of the front runners in Mindanao’s real estate industry. One of the best real estate developer here is Johndorf Ventures.

Owning a home is a lifelong dream for most people. And when you do decide to invest in a home, make sure you choose an ideal location just like Cagayan de Oro, and a developer that can provide you with a quality home. Make your dream a reality by reserving a unit now with Johndorf Ventures.


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