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5 Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year in the Chinoy Way

Every January or February, the Filipino-Chinese Community, commonly known as Chinoys, celebrate Chinese New Year. This festive holiday is celebrated with delicious food and colorful dances. The Chinese New Year has become part of our Filipino culture and it is now considered a national holiday. Celebrate Chinese New Year 2023 in true Chinoy fashion as you read more of this article.

2023: What the Year of the Rabbit will bring

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. The upcoming year will bring love to your doorstep. You need to watch out for your health too. In terms of career, you’d experience a bump in your salary and promotions are underway. For your wealth, planning your finances prevents draining your pockets on rainy days. You have to be strong for every challenge that may come your way.

The fusion of Filipino and Chinese culture

The Chinese have gone a long way from trading goods with us to leaving strong influences in our culture. The most notable evidence of Filipino and Chinese culture fusion is in food. Our favorite pancit, siopao, lumpia, and siomai has some Chinese influences of sauteed and fried cooking.

Another part of Chinese culture that Filipinos adopted is the practice using round tables for the dining room. The round shape means endless riches and good fortune for your family. Circles don’t have an edge, that’s why it’s a preferred shape of the dining table over the rectangular ones. These influences of the Chinese in our culture gives a unique touch to our identity.

Celebrate Chinese New Year like the Chinoys

Gear up for Chinese New Year 2023 with these activities.

Decorate the house

Adorn your house with red lanterns, red paper cuttings, and New Year’s paintings. Decorations drive bad luck and spirits away from your home and wish for good health and prosperity. Put up the decorations days before or on the day of the Chinese New Year. Add other decorations like kumquat trees and orchids which symbolize wishes for wealth and prosperous New Year, respectively.

Wear red

Red means prosperity and good luck for the Chinese. Wearing red on Chinese New Year simply means you’re allowing good luck to come into your life. Pick the best red shirt and dress in your closet and wear it on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Prepare dinner

Make the Lunar New Year count by cooking good food for your family. The most common dishes you need to prepare are spring rolls, longevity noodles, dumplings, nian gao (glutinous rice cake), and fish. Spring rolls and dumplings signify wealth. Nian gao means a higher position or income to any working member of the family. Fish symbolizes increase in prosperity while longevity noodles means happiness.

Give ang pao to the deserving people

Ang pao is a red envelope that contains money. The elders give children ang pao after dinner to wish them good luck in their studies and health. Put any amount inside the ang pao and use your two hands when giving it to the kids. You can also give ang pao to your staff and trusted house helpers as an appreciation of their service.

Watch the Dragon Dance

Dragon Dances take place in the streets during Lunar New Year. Several people inside a large dragon costume perform the dance in public. The Dragon Dance is believed to bring power, success, wisdom, and fertility to the people.

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