News - (Investing in a Condominium in Cebu: The Perks and Insights)

Investing in a Condominium in Cebu: The Perks and Insights

Living in a condominium in Cebu feels like the ultimate dream. You have your space and the independence that you need. Investing in one, especially with the boom in Cebu real estate, is something that you need to think about. It’s hard to find a house for sale in Cebu, so condominiums are a good alternative.

Is buying a condo a good investment in the Philippines? Find out as you read more of this article.

Life in Cebu after settling in a condo

Now that you’ve settled in your newly-rented or newly-bought condo in Cebu City, you’ve got to get used to the fast-paced life around you. Malls, coffee shops, and other commercial centers are just a walk away. You can take your time chilling in the nearest pub and eat your heart out in restaurants. Everything in the city is accessible with just a few rides. Lastly, the city view from inside your condo looks good in daytime and nighttime.

Perks of investing in a condominium

Still not sold about having a condo? Let us share a few perks on why buying a condo a good investment in the Philippines.

Personal use

Living in a condominium is the most ideal option, especially when you live alone. You can have the condo furnished in any way you want and build your own personal space. Though it’s not easy to live alone, having your own space in a condominium teaches you to be self-sufficient and independent.

Minimal upkeep

Condos are easy to maintain with the small space it occupies. You don’t have a lot to clean and it’s easier to move around. You also don’t need to pay much for utilities except for water, light, internet, and condo dues. Some condominiums offer unit maintenance and repair and will be paid through fees, so it’s less hassle for you.

A source of passive income

Investing in a condo unit is a good way of earning passive income. People coming from different parts of the country and the world always look for somewhere to stay in the city. Having your condo rented for short-term and long-term lets you earn passive income while working on your full-time job. Just make sure to spruce up your condo and repair any damages before putting it out in the market.

Increased value over time

A condo’s value increases over time due to the location, condition of the condo, and the reputation of developers. Newer condos are much more attractive to buyers since they don’t have much damage. More people are willing to pay for rent if your condo is near transport and commercial hubs as well. It’s a good investment on your part and it helps build your wealth.

Get your new condo unit with Johndorf Ventures

Investing a condominium unit in Cebu is a long-term responsibility that you can use for personal and business purposes. It raises in value over time which makes your investment worth the risk.

At Johndorf Cebu, we will help you every step of the way in getting your condo unit. Johndorf Ventures is the leading real estate developer in Visayas and Mindanao. Our condo units in Plumera Mactan are complete with kitchen, toilet and bathroom, and a balcony and drying area. We also have other Cebu housing properties as well. Reserve your new unit today!


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