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Craving a Staycation at Home? Make Your Home Cozier With These Tips

Vacations don’t always have to be grand celebrations. Why spend excessively for a three-day stay near the beach when you can get the same (or more) sense of relaxation right in the comforts of your own home? Most families enjoy each other’s company even if they are holed in their homes, after all. A staycation at home is not only practical, but it also encourages family bonding.

When you invest in a good home, you have the basic canvas that would be much easier to paint on, redecorate, and remodel later on to make it staycation-ready. Follow our tips to start turning your home into an indoor paradise!

Remodeling Tips to Achieve that Staycation at Home

Families have discovered that there are more benefits to enjoying a staycation at home especially if their homes are staycation-ready. Those who have relocated and established their homes in excellent locations—like Johndorf properties in Visayas and Mindanao—now realize the value of choosing a good location for their permanent or vacation homes.

Here are some remodeling tips for homeowners that you can easily apply on your own.

1. Create your very own sanctuary

Your home can become your haven if you recreate spaces for relaxation and avoid clutter. Choose a space where you want to spend most of the day in retrospect. It can be your bedroom, living room, or your bathroom.

That little space under the staircase can be transformed into a mini reading area. You can achieve that with an eye-catching carpet or chair alongside a minimalist bookshelf.

Is there a vacant space near the window? That corner can be a good spot for a small coffee corner where you can sip coffee while enjoying the outdoor breeze.

Your own bathroom can be transformed into a mini spa with a little makeover. A new set of bath towels can give your bathroom that luxurious hotel vibe.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to finding your own quiet space—let it run wild!

2. Add some greenery

One of the best remodeling tips for homeowners does not even cost much. Staying inside the house most of the time can be stifling. But if you add some greenery inside then you can make your own tropical getaway. Indoor plants will help bring that resort atmosphere into your homes. All those greens can lift your mood because of the aesthetics.

Plants are also effective in improving your disposition and mood throughout the day. Choose plants that will brighten the house yet easy to maintain like the instagrammable snake plant, peace lily and photos. But more than the aesthetics, these plants also help clean the air inside your home.

3. It’s all about the lights

Invest in good ambient lighting because it will set the tone of your home staycation. You can turn a minimalist home into a romantic getaway once you turn the lights on. Invest in flameless candles or even scented candles to make your abode a relaxing space.

Take advantage of natural light in common areas to save on costs during the day. You can turn your living room into a glamorous space by installing chandeliers or warm lighting devices.

4. Refurbish your kitchen

A staycation at home would be more memorable when you serve your family with good food. Here’s a tried-and-true remodeling tip for homeowners: If you’re blessed with bigger kitchen space, make sure to add an island. This is a practical addition to your kitchen layout. Not only can it be used for preparing meals, but it doubles as a family hangout spot. If your family loves to dine out, why not recreate your favorite restaurant’s design and incorporate that into your kitchen?

Achieve Closer Family Ties with a Staycation at Home

At Johndorf Ventures, we believe that families can become closer when they staycation at home. Your family deserves a quality home that everyone can grow with. Our properties are not only located in strategic locations. They are also designed with you in mind in order to provide an ideal environment for our present and future occupants. Expect our properties to be nestled in livable, well-guarded communities that will make you cherish your investment for the years to come.

You can never go wrong when you invest in a Johndorf property. Find your forever home with us!


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