News - (4 Reasons Why Tierra Nava Lumbia is a Prime Location for Housing in Cagayan de Oro)

4 Reasons Why Tierra Nava Lumbia is a Prime Location for Housing in Cagayan de Oro

Looking for a home to spend the rest of your life in is something you’d want to do in your later years. But why not do it now? Moving away from the capital’s bustle and settling down in Tierra Nava Lumbia for its location could be your best bet in finding a new home. If you want somewhere quiet yet accessible to the city, Tierra Nava Lumbia is the one to invest in.

Learn more about Tierra Nava Lumbia and why you should move here in this article.

Why move to Tierra Nava Lumbia

When you think about life in Cagayan de Oro, you’d get both the bustling city life and the peaceful laidback home. It’s everything you could ask for a home to make good use of your property investment. Here’s why Tierra Nava Lumbia makes an excellent new home for you:

1. A close proximity to Cagayan de Oro

Tierra Nava Lumbia is located along the CDO-Laguindingan Road and it’s close to Cagayan de Oro City. Should you decide to settle here, it will be easy for you to travel to the city anytime you want. There’s also accessible public transportation and a passenger terminal that caters to the residents.

2. The excellent amenities

What makes Tierra Nava Lumbia a worthy investment is its amenities. The first floor is reserved for living and dining rooms, kitchens, and a bathroom with toilet. The second floor, on the other hand, is for the two bedrooms. Other amenities include an underground drainage and a multi-purpose clubhouse.

3. A breath of fresh air

Tierra Nava Lumbia allows you to live with nature and lead an active lifestyle. The greenfield area within the premises is a good reason for enjoying the great outdoors and going for a good run. Being one with nature also helps you destress and take a step back from life’s constant hustle.

4. A good brand

Tierra Nava Lumbia is just one of the many housing developments under Johndorf Ventures Corporation. The Tierra Nava brand also has locations in Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City and Carcar City, Cebu. Coming from a trusted brand of real estate developers, you know your investment is in good hands with Tierra Nava.

Team up with Johndorf Cebu for your next home

Tierra Nava Lumbia is a prime location for young families, young professionals, and people who want to retire after years of working in the country or overseas. This new housing development provides access to the city center while giving you the quiet life in Cagayan de Oro that you want.

Johndorf Cebu is the leading real estate developer in Visayas and Mindanao that you should team up with in looking for a new home. Our house for sale in Cagayan de Oro and Davao housing postings are two-storey townhouses with two bedrooms each unit. Tierra Nava Opol brings the best of Cagayan de Oro real estate. Reserve your unit now!


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