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Christmas Community Events You Can Do at Your Neighborhood christmas-community-events-you-can-do-at-your-neighborhood

Christmas in the Philippines is a big thing because this is the time when families gather for a reunion of sorts. You can plan your Christmas community events as early as now. After all, the Christmas spirit is best celebrated when the joy of Christmas is shared with as many people as possible. This post hopes to share some Christmas activity ideas to middle-class workers, professionals, OFWs, expats, and Manila-based individuals who are looking to purchase a property or relocate to Visayas or Mindanao. Share the Christmas spirit

Share the Christmas spirit

Christmas in the Philippines provides unique opportunities for people to connect with each other. If you’re like everyone else, you must be so busy making a living you don’t even get to see your friends regularly, or even chat with your neighbors. What could be a better time to spread the Christmas spirit than now?

Get crafty and put up decorations to lift the Christmas spirit

You need not prepare a complicated christmas activity if you want to know how to share the christmas cheer. Each family in your community probably has an artist in the closet just waiting to be discovered. Give them the chance to show their talents by launching a Christmas decoration drive in the neighborhood.

Hit two birds with one stone by requiring homeowners to use their creativity and ingenuity by using recycled material for their decoration. Prepare a guideline for these Christmas community events and make sure that everyone follows. Make this a contest with exciting prizes to encourage every homeowner to join. The homeowners association officers can get sponsorships in exchange for product exposures.

Christmas in the Philippines is all about spending time with family so gather everyone and walk or drive around the community to check their christmas decorations. There is no doubt that a neighborhood beautifully decorated during Christmas can easily put everyone in the mood for the holidays.

Caroling is an ideal Christmas community events

One of the surefire ways to rekindle the Christmas spirit is through caroling. Mobilize the community by organizing a group of carolers. Make this an enjoyable activity for seniors in the neighborhood, who have a lot of free time in their hands. Make this Christmas activity more meaningful for the community by donating the proceeds to a local charity.

Involve the community by sending letters to homeowners informing them of the scheduled door-to-door caroling. Aside from giving them a chance to socialize, this activity will also empower them knowing that they are contributing to a good cause. The singing of Christmas carols will also encourage the Christmas spirit in the community.

Prepare a mini concert to spread the Christmas spirit

If you’re looking for ways to share the Christmas cheer, then how about sharing your talent through these Christmas community events? Christmas is about family, but it is also best shared with your community. The perfect way to do this is by preparing a mini-concert where every household has a representative. You can also make this more inclusive by creating groups made up of different households.

The mini-concert could be the highlight of the community Christmas party. Prepare a buffet for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. Choose a venue that can fit enough people such as the community center or an outdoor area within the neighborhood.

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There are many ways to share the Christmas cheer and you can start by being creative. It is during this time when you can appreciate the value of living in a quality and sustainable community where neighbors support each other. Johndorf Ventures is a leading real estate firm with various developments in Visayas and Mindanao. Find your perfect home now by checking out their website to view the available units.  


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Christmas Community Events You Can Do at Your Neighborhood christmas-community-events-you-can-do-at-your-neighborhood
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