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Settling in Cebu Plumera Mactan

OFWs leave the country to achieve financial stability and realize their dreams. And most share the dream of having their own home. If you’re an OFW and are now ready to buy a new house, Johndorf Ventures provides high-quality properties in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. If you’re eyeing to build a life in Cebu, we know the best place to stay in Cebu! And it's none other than Plumera Mactan. u

Discover Plumera Mactan: The best place to stay in Ceb

Plumera is one of Johndorf Ventures' property development projects in Cebu. It's the perfect settlement and Cebu real estate investment for OFWs, starting families, middle-class workers, professionals, and expats.

Your hard-earned money won't go to waste if you invest in one of Plumera's housing units. Here are the reasons why:

Live in a convenient and wonderful location

If you're looking for a house for sale in Cebu, choose a home situated in the city – just like Plumera. Living in the capital means great convenience because everything is practically there! Located at the center of Mactan Island, specifically in Cagudoy, Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Plumera is within a few minutes drive from essential establishments. It’s near colleges and universities, hospitals, expressways, the Mactan Cebu International Airport, the Gaisano Grand Mall, and resorts.

Choose between two types of housing units

Johndorf Cebu offers two Plumera Mactan units. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose a studio or a 1-bedroom unit for your small family.

The studio type has a floor area of 24 sqm, while the 1-bedroom unit has 36 sqm. These units greatly differ in size and property layout. But both radiate the same elegance of a neat and modernized home.

Geared with awesome amenities and facilities

Life in Cebu thanks to Johndorf Ventures ensures that all Plumera residents have something to enjoy. The condominium neighborhood has a pocket park, clubhouse and multipurpose area, multi-purpose court, swimming pool, jogging trail, and even a lagoon.

The condo also comes with a gate and guardhouse, perimeter fence, fire protection system, and mail recovery facility. With these incredible amenities and facilities, it's no wonder Plumera Mactan is one of the best place to stay in Cebu.

Provides excellent career opportunities

Cebu is the second most significant metropolitan center after Manila. As such, the Queen City of the South attracts several local and foreign business investors. And this leads to tons of career opportunities for its residents. When you live in Plumera Mactan, you can explore jobs at the nearby corporation hubs. MEPZ offers careers in the professional sector, manufacturing industries, wholesale and retail trade industries, and more.

Good investment

If you’re an OFW, you may be having second thoughts about buying a new house since you’re staying abroad. But purchasing a Plumera unit is a good real estate investment.

Based on PSA Central Visayas, 20% of Cebu’s economic income comes from real estate and ownership of dwellings in the services sector. Since Cebu is one of the Philippines’ top tourist destinations, several travelers look for affordable transient rooms. To earn passively, you can rent your unit and ask a family member or a friend to manage your home rentals.

The best place to stay in Cebu is open for reservations

Starting a new life in Cebu will be a more pleasant experience if you choose Plumera Mactan, the best place to stay in Cebu. Reap all the above mentioned benefits when you buy a home in a prime location. Before our Plumera units run out, visit this page and reserve your property NOW.


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