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6 Top Ideas on How to Celebrate Christmas With Family

Christmas season is around the corner. For most of us, it’s an opportunity to come home and celebrate Christmas with family. Catching up through small talks over food is the way to celebrate. But if you need to take celebrations up a notch this year, we have the best ideas for you in this article.

The Filipino Christmas spirit

Christmas in the Philippines is best spent with loved ones. Filipinos just know how to have fun at Christmas time. Gift giving, decorating the Christmas tree together, and caroling at people’s houses are common sights weeks leading up to Christmas day. Christmas songs are blasted at full volumes everywhere from houses to malls. Us Filipinos always celebrate Christmas on another level that stands out from the rest.

Have a memorable Christmas celebration with these ideas

Foster the Christmas spirit in your family with these activities:

1. Prepare Christmas food

Christmas is best celebrated with good food prepared for the season. You can never go wrong with puto bumbong and bibingka—two staple snacks after attending Simbang Gabi or dawn masses. Bibingka is made of rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk and cooked in clay pots. Puto bumbong is made of glutinous rice and purple yam. It is served with grated cheese topped with condensed milk.

Some other Christmas foods that you have to prepare are macaroni salad, leche flan, and Pinoy-style spaghetti. Combine banana catsup and tomato sauce to make the sauce sweet. Top it with grated cheese and hotdogs to fully complete the recipe.

2. Have a game night

What’s a Christmas celebration without games, right? Organize scrabble and other board games and prepare prizes for the winners. Add charades, picture games, Christmas trivia games as well. Game nights strengthen the bond among family members and create memories to look back on.

3. Watch Christmas films

Gather the whole family in front of the television and press play on a Christmas film you like! The beauty of Christmas films is the festive mood it brings when you watch it around Christmas time. From children’s fantasy, animated flicks, to romantic comedies, you won’t run out of films to enjoy. There’s always a film for everyone in the family.

4. Organize a scavenger hunt

One Christmas activity that will make the season different from the past years is a scavenger hunt. Put various things in different areas of your house including the garden and other outdoor areas. Let your family members search for them under a strict time limit. Whoever wins shall take the grand prize. Scavenger hunt is a fun game to play, especially when there’s a lot of family members playing.

5. Go to tourist spots

Spend Christmas away from home by enjoying our very own tourist spots! Enjoy the scenery of Cagayan de Oro and Cebu. If you want to see the natural wonders of the Philippines, Southern Mindanao is the place to go. Now here’s a piece of advice—book your tickets in advance and plan your itineraries well.

6. Move in to your new home with Johndorf Ventures

Celebrating Christmas with your family is memorable with games and good food. The festive season becomes even more festive when you do something new.

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